Within the EC funded LIFE project VERMEER,a new software system to support the risk assessment of chemicals intended to be used in plastic Food Contact Materials (FCM) has been developed. The software allows to model the migration of chemicals from FCM into food and to predict several toxicological endpoints relevant for FCM compounds.

The software, freely available, has been designed in line with the regulatory framework for plastics FCM (Regulation EU No 10/2011). Toxicological data requirements for plastic FCM compounds are driven by the migration of the compound into the food. VERMEER FCM allows to predict the concentration of chemical migrants in food in contact with plastic FCM providing at the same time predictions for a series of toxicological endpoints. The user is asked to provide the information regarding the chemical(s) of interest, the FCM and the food concerned, and other important parameters such as the contact time between food and FCM, contact temperature and some physico-chemical properties of the chemical migrants in order to launch the simulation. The software allows to run both deterministic and probabilistic simulations.

Software Features

Screen Shots

Download Instructions

VERMEER FCM v3.4 is included in the latest version of MERLIN-Expo (version 4.0.29)

To download the installer, setup_MERLIN-Expo_4.0.29_XXbit.exe, go to the Merlin-Expo Download

If you have a previous version installed, you can update it by starting MERLIN-Expo and accepting the download of the updates in the Update notification that is prompted.

To run the VERMEER FCM v3.4 tool

Go to ‘New’ and in the ‘Open template’ window select VERMEER FCM v3.4

Note that the user manual is not included in the model. Instead, the description of the tool (‘Information tab’ – ‘Description’) includes the link to access the manual.


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