Project Results

The main results of the project will be the decrease
in amount of the most dangerous substances
to several different categories: food contact material,
solvents, dispersant, cosmetics, biocides and oil fractions.

Industries and end-user will get profit from using these innovative tools

One of the main results of VERMEER project is the development of LifeSPHERA, a platform that integrates the already existing tools for the exposure and the hazard assessment, providing a single decision making index. An equally significant aspect will be the development of the new tool ToxEraser, which will help the user to identify the most suitable chemical substitute to replace risky compounds.

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Within LIFE-SPHERA the exposure assessment will be supported by the already existing MERLIN-Expo software, updated with new models to enhance realism in evaluating the transport of chemicals among human and environmental compartments. In addition, the uncertainty and the propagation of the error will be better managed thanks to the use of innovative Bayesians’ techniques.

Another key outcome of the project regards the innovations in the hazard assessment. VEGA will be implemented with ten new models covering several new endpoints of interest, while ToxRead will be updated with twelve new models based on similarity; to improve the quality of the predictions new innovative techniques and concepts will be investigated to further strengthen the significance of “similarity”.