Achieved Results

VEGA platform

Version 1.1.5 BETA 36

March 2020

The latest version of the VEGA platform is available at the software dedicated website:

Download VEGA platform

A JAVA stand-alone tool with a library of QSAR models for physico-chemical, fate, ecotoxicological and toxicological properties of chemicals. It allows batch processing (large dataset and/or multiple endpoints), includes a number of QSAR models (+70 models, +35 properties), and includes an independent tool to assess the reliability of the prediction (through the Applicability Domain Index). It shows the prediction, the applicability domain, the similar compounds, and other information useful for the reasoning.

What is new in VEGA v1.1.5 BETA36

Several new endpoints were added for a total of 75 models covering toxicological, ecotoxicological, environmental and physico-chemical properties.

ToxRead platform

Version 0.23 BETA

March 2020

The latest version of the ToxRead platform is available at the software dedicated website:

Download ToxRead

A JAVA stand-alone program to assist user in making reproducible read-across evaluations of chemicals showing structural alerts and relevant features in common between chemicals.

What is new in ToxRead v 0.23 BETA

12 new endpoints developed within the VERMEER project were added, for a total of 20 (eco)toxicological endpoints.


Version 4.0

May 2020

The latest version of MERLIN-Expo is available at the software dedicated website

Download MERLIN-Expo

MERLIN-Expo is a simulation/modelling software for exposure assessment. The tool provides a set of models for simulating the fate of chemicals in the main environmental systems and in the human body. These models can be linked, allowing the user to create comprehensive scenarios. MERLIN-Expo contains a set of functionalities for conducting uncertainty and sensitivity assessments of exposure models (Monte Carlo simulations, Sensitivity assessment by the Morris method, linear regression, rank linear regression, EFAST, Sobol, etc).

What is new in MERLIN-Expo Version 4.0

As a result of the work done so far within the LIFE VERMEER project, the following features have been added to the MERLIN-Expo software:

Access to external parameter database
MERLIN-Expo includes a user interface which allows parameter data and input time series to be read or stored on the external parameter database.
Integration with VEGA Platform
MERLIN-Expo is now integrated with a command-line version of VEGA Platform. MERLIN-Expo includes a user interface to calculate substance-specific parameters using QSAR models offered by VEGA. MERLIN-Expo can read the PDF guide for the generated prediction in VEGA results.
New models and predefined scenarios
  • New Food Contact Material (FMC) model. This model allows to estimate the migration of chemicals from FCM and corresponds to the specifications that were identified for the FCM case study.
  • New predefined scenario a great river and fish. This scenario describes the fate of a chemical discharged in a river from a point source (e.g. industry, sewage treatment plant). It also describes the potential bioaccumulation of the targeted chemical in generic species of phytoplankton; invertebrates; pelagic herbivorous fish; benthic herbivorous fish; and carnivorous fish.

  • The MERLIN-Expo models have been updated with tags for parameters whose values can be computed using QSAR models.
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
In addition to existing functionalities for conducting uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, a link has been created to an external tool developed by Facilia (Babar®) which allows to generate parametric uncertainty through a set of Bayesian approaches.
Other new features
A new feature has been added in the Results screen that allows generating ‘Spider Web Charts’ to compare results of the simulation by the substances or scenarios.