Within the EC funded LIFE project VERMEER the new software system VERMEER Dispersants has been developed, which allows to simulate the distribution of oil components within an aquatic ecosystem under different environmental conditions. It specially allows to focus on the comparison of the distribution of component with or without the addition of chemical surfactants that support dispersion of the oil.

The software, freely available, has been designed to support decisions with regard to dispersant use as mitigation measure after marine oil spills.

VERMEER Dispersants allows predicting the evolution of concentration of oil components in different environmental compartments of marine ecosystems over time. Additionally, predictions for a series of toxicological endpoints can be derived for organisms of interest from the modeled concentrations. The user is asked to provide information regarding the volume and chemical composition of the spilled oil, the impacted zone, and other important parameters such as the temperature and the expected efficacy of dispersant addition in order to launch the simulation.

The software allows to run both deterministic and probabilistic simulations.

Software Features

Screen Shots

Download Instructions

VERMEER Dispersants v3.0 is included in the latest version of MERLIN-Expo (version 4.0.29)

To download the installer, setup_MERLIN-Expo_4.0.29_XXbit.exe, go to the Merlin-Expo Download

If you have a previous version installed, you can update it by starting MERLIN-Expo and accepting the download of the updates in the Update notification that is prompted.

To run the VERMEER Dispersants v3.0 tool

Go to ‘New’ and in the ‘Open template’ window select VERMEER Dispersants v3.0

Note that the user manual is not included in the model. Instead, the description of the tool (‘Information tab’ – ‘Description’) includes the link to access the manual.


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